Radiant Communications Recognizes CRTC Decision

September 2nd, 2010 (Vancouver, BC) – Radiant Communications Corp. ("Radiant") (TSX-V:RCN), Canada’s leading supplier of Broadband Solutions for Business™, recognizes the more competitive approach to provisioning communications services in Canada in a recent landmark CRTC Policy Decision 2010-632 and urges the Incumbent Telephone Companies, (ILECs) to recognize and respect the CRTC’s decision.

“We are pleased with the CRTC’s decision to support a more competitive approach to provide broadband communications solutions to Canadian businesses,” stated David Buffett, President and CEO of Radiant. “There are several aspects of the CRTC decision which we feel will allow Radiant to more fully service our business customers including speed matching with the incumbents, and greater access to the Cableco networks. We also believe that the Canadian regulatory framework needs to continue to evolve to ensure independent IPSs like Radiant will continue to be able to create innovative solutions and offer choice to Canadian businesses.”

HIGHLIGHTS of Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC: 2010-632:

  • Approval of speed matching so that independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can match the speeds of the incumbent retail Internet access offerings.
  • Allowed incumbent telephone carriers a 10% higher cost of capital for new higher speed wholesale internet access services.
  • Agreed that a duopoly of telephone and cable companies retail Internet access is insufficient, and that wireless and satellite services are not yet attractive enough as large-scale substitutes for wireline access.
  • Has taken steps to make the cable companies’ wholesale offering known as Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) more useful and attractive in a number of ways for those who lease it.
  • Found that smaller competitors bring pricing discipline, innovation and consumer choice to the Internet services market.

“The speed-matching decision complements our recent network Investment Partnership Agreement with MTS-Allstream. In the past if a national customer had an office in Halifax, for example, which required higher bandwidth than traditional ADSL technologies supported and was not within reach of our high bandwidth SureLink product offering, we had difficulty providing cost-effective solutions as part of the complete proposal,” said David Buffett. “With speed matching we can meet those requirements of Canadian Businesses both on-net within our SureLink footprint or off-net via a wholesale offering from the ILECs.”

"Taking steps to make the Cable Companies’ TPIA more useful and attractive will open up alternate methods of reaching our business customers’ locations. In the past we had no choice but to only offer ADSL from the ILECs because satellite and cellular services were not economical or did not have the bandwidth capacity to support the customers’ applications" said Adrian Byram, Radiant’s Chief Technology Officer.

“We believe that smaller companies like Radiant Communications drive innovation and can meet the needs of the small to medium enterprise market in Canada which is the engine of growth for the Canadian economy,” stated Mr. Buffett. “Radiant is somewhat unique in the Canadian communications landscape because we are big enough to deliver world class, sophisticated networks but also small enough to care. In order to offer those sophisticated innovative services we need access to the building blocks.”

Radiant believes that the CRTC’s recent decision will ensure that small and mid-sized business continue to enjoy the widest possible choice for Internet services.

About Radiant

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Radiant Communications (www.radiant.net) provides businesses with a comprehensive range of IP-based data communications services including the largest on-net DSL footprint across Canada & the U.S., T1 and E10/E100 fibre broadband, coupled with MPLS, IPSec, and SSL private networking. From its data centres in Toronto and Vancouver, Radiant also delivers cloud computing services connected directly into customers’ private networks. The cloud computing services include hosting mission-critical applications, disaster recovery/business continuity, and fully managed Microsoft Exchange.

In operation since 1996, the company currently serves over 20,000 business locations in Canada and the United States from its offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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