Protect yourself from DDoS Attacks

The severity and complexity of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are on the rise with branch offices, head offices, data centers and cloud environments all as targets. These attacks can be extremely disruptive, resulting in mission-critical applications being unavailable, overloaded bandwidth, and Internet access grinding to a halt. An increasing number of attacks come in conjunction with a security breach, often leaving behind viruses, data theft, malware and ransomware that cause even more damage.

Radiant SD-WAN and MPLS connections are all protected environments, ensuring your data is “clean” and safe. While others will sell you connectivity that leaves you exposed, we have developed our connectivity with built-in protection.

Radiant’s DDoS Protection is built into our core network. Traffic coming into our network is inspected through our Arbor Networks platform and if DDoS is detected, it is instantly mitigated, and rerouted such that your traffic is delivered “clean”. Arbor Networks is the world leader in DDoS mitigation.

Clean Traffic

Radiant Clean Traffic

Clean Traffic

Radiant’s sophisticated mitigation system identifies clean traffic while diverting DDoS attacks, minimizing the impact to your organization.

Arbor Networks

We have invested in the most trusted name in DDoS protection.

360 Protection

From connectivity, to colo, cloud, to virtual data centers, Radiant DDoS protects.

Core Defence

DDoS protection is built right into Radiant’s core network, so there is no requirement to purchase a separate system to defend against attacks.

* DDoS protection is for Radiant on-net services only. Speak to us to ensure you are protected.