SD-WAN ...It's transformational

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a new approach to add simplicity, speed, resiliency and security for optimal application performance while eliminating expensive fiber.

Is your network leaving you behind?

With rapidly increasing bandwidth demands and adoption of cloud-based services, traditional wide area network solutions are struggling to deliver the application performance that is critical to your business. More bandwidth has usually meant a requirement for expensive fiber and LAN solutions along with MPLS for QoS and management.

More speed... resiliency ...and for less

SD-WAN can displace expensive fiber and LAN connections with multiple Radiant Broadband or LTE connections, aggregated together for redundancy and speed. Network traffic is dynamically routed over the best available WAN circuit according to application policies that you define. That means you can prioritize mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications, such as voice and video, to maximize performance. Direct some traffic straight to the cloud and others to head office, relying on multiple connections for high availability. SaaS and cloud-based services can be routed over the optimal path rather than backhauling to the data centre, promoting the best possible end-user experience.

That’s not all. Business and security policies for all locations are managed in a single Radiant Portal, which also gives you complete visibility into network performance and application usage. Long wait times for policy changes and deployment of new sites are a thing of the past.

This is your new network



Improve application performance. Applications are prioritized and can be dynamically routed over the best available circuit.



Maximize availability. Multiple, diverse connections, in an active/active configuration with seamless session failover, ensures you are always up and running.



Realize significant savings by expanding bandwidth using inexpensive internet circuits, or completely replacing costly fiber and LAN connections.


Dynamic Path Selection

Per packet application traffic steering between multiple WAN connections based on link performance metrics, intelligent application learning, and business priority.

Seamless Failover

An active/active configuration provides sub-second failover, without session interruption. Diverse connections maximize uptime.

Quality of Experience Score

Continuously rates network and application quality. It’s easy to understand what is performing well and what isn’t, in order to make adjustments.

Smart QoS

Granular classification of 3,000+ applications enables smart Quality of Service policies for common business objectives with IT required only to establish traffic priority.

Cloud VPN

End-to-end encryption. VPN tunnels are built where and when needed, and cover branch-to-branch, branch-to-DC and any-location-to-cloud traffic patterns.

Centralized Management

Full visibility and control from a single dashboard to manage security policies, adjust application priority, and view performance metrics.

Firewall Security

Stateful and context-aware (application, user, device) integrated next generation firewall delivers granular control.

On-Demand Remediation

Automatically improves circuits that are performing poorly, through forward error correction, jitter buffering and packet duplication.

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