VMware® Hybrid Cloud Powered

Radiant’s Virtual Data Centre solution is designed for enterprise applications that IT departments deploy and manage. Our VMware® Hybrid Cloud Powered, secure architecture improves efficiencies and increases business agility.

Radiant’s Virtual Data Centre service is deployed on an enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure built in partnership with VMware®, Cisco® and NetApp®. The architecture is based on the Secure Multi-Tenancy Cisco Validated Design.

Radiant offers VMware® vCloud Director, a self-service web portal for on-demand access to your Virtual Data Centre. VMware® vCloud Director allows you to efficiently manage your Virtual Data Centre, including the ability to create new virtual machines (VM), easily adjust compute memory and storage of a VM and track resource pool usage at any time.

With VMware® vCloud Director you will be able to:

  • Create new virtual machines in minutes
  • Easily adjust compute, memory and storage
  • Start, stop and reboot VMs at any time
  • Create catalogs of VM templates and media
  • Track resource pool usage
  • Configure and manage a range of security services including virtual firewall, VPN and load balancing
  • Create snapshots of your virtual machines on-demand