Automatic and Secure Backup, Storage and Recovery of Your Intellectual Property

Businesses create and manage large volumes of important electronic data. In most businesses, thousands of digital files like emails, contacts, documents and financial records are stored on corporate computer hard drives with little to no protection. What happens if there is an equipment failure, a theft or other viable threat? What happens to the data?

All of these threats are real and the impact of data loss could be significant and costly to an organization. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential.

With Radiant’s Remote Backup service, businesses can confidently know that they have a secure system in place for the backup, storage and recovery of their computer files and intellectual property. Our automatic and reliable remote backup service collects, encrypts, and transfers the data to our remote backup servers ensuring you have accessible copies of your data should something damage your computer.

Your important data is securely transmitted over the Internet and stored on a server in our state-of-the-art professional data centres. Data is backed up off-site, away from your office, and is safe from theft, fire, and other disasters.

  • 100% data protection and privacy - Backups are securely stored in a different location from the original data
  • Highest security standards; Industry certified (PCI DSS)
  • Unlimited, secure data retention
  • Scheduled, seamless automatic backups
  • Flexible allocation of storage capacity
  • Complete data recovery

Radiant’s Remote Backup service safeguards your irreplaceable digital assets so you maintain all of your intellectual property.