Hosted Exchange Features

Mobile Device Management

With BYOD and employees using tablets & smartphones, it’s important to maintain control.

Outlook & Exchange

Outlook is the best way to take advantage of all the email and messaging features of hosted Exchange. With Outlook on hosted Exchange, you can collaborate across the hall or with the world through shared calendars, tasks, and contacts.

Automated Backups

Automatic daily backup within our data centre and to a second Radiant data centre across the country.

24x7 Support

We offer a completely managed experience including monitoring, patching, and administrative support for your exchange service. We also offer expertise and support with your backup and recovery options. Call us anytime 24x7.

Painless Transition - Migration Support

We've migrated countless customers to our Hosted Exchange service from all types of on-premise and hosted email and messaging products. Our team of experts will ensure your migration is quick, painless, and seamless to your users.

Outlook Web Access

Log in and manage your email from any web browser anywhere in the world. Perfect for deskless users that need casual access to email or mobile users that aren't always at their desk.

Cisco IronPort® Premium Spam & Virus

Keep your inbox free of spam and your desktop protected. Radiant has partnered with Cisco IronPort® to deliver the best in Spam and Virus protection for Hosted Exchange.

Trusted Experts

Our Hosted Exchange service is supported by Microsoft Certified Professionals with decades of experience.

Enterprise Options

Email Archiving

More than backup and recovery. Our sophisticated archiving service seamlessly plugs into your Exchange service and ensures every email is kept securely. Archived email can be searched when needed. Add email archiving to your Exchange service or use it to archive email from your on-premise exchange server. Learn More...

Disaster Recovery

Radiant operates two of Canada's most sophisticated cloud hosting data centres in Vancouver and Toronto. Our disaster recovery service ensures your hosted Exchange service will be up and running quickly from our replicated data centre in the event of an unrecoverable disaster. Use this to protect your Radiant Hosted Exchange service or use it to protect your on-premise Exchange server.

Single Sign-on / Active Directory Integration

Cloud based solutions often provide a lower user experience requiring users to log into the corporate network and log-in again to their hosted email service, CRM service and collaboration service. Using Radiant's single sign-on option users only log in once to access all their services and the corporate network. Administrators will appreciate the increased security of disabling logins centrally and easily resetting passwords once.