Compliance & Archiving

Archiving your email means more than recovering deleted items. For many businesses email conversations are crucial business documents and must be preserved over time for compliance reasons. Our email archiving service is available as an add-on to our Hosted Exchange service or available stand-alone to archive email from your on-site Microsoft Exchange server.

Standard Email Archiving Features

Compliant Email Archiving

For public companies and most importantly for financial services firms our Archiving solution meets all compliance regulations.

Fast Search & Instant Retrieval

Users get exception search capabilities of their archive and the ability to retrieve email without requiring IT to recover items from backups.

Full Administration Tools for IT

Administrators have access to configure settings for retention rules and the ability to designate others as group administrators.

No More Rotating Tape Backups

Nightly and weekly tape backups are an archaic way of managing data. Recovering lost data takes time and effort and deleted items older than a week may never be recoverable.

Never Lose Email Again!

All incoming and outgoing email is archived including attachments and messages sent via mobile devices.

Unlimited Storage

Every email is archived long term. Free your users from constantly pruning their own email archives to fit mailbox storage limits.

Secure & Reliable

Compliant archiving needs to be secure and reliable. All email is archived on both the east and west coast so it is permanently available when needed.

Document Versioning

Archiving provides a record of all distributed documents. Who saw them when and which version they received.