SSL VPN - The Ultimate in Portability, Ease of Use, and Control

Radiant’s Managed SSL VPN provides a secure and reliable, with ease of control, solution for security administrators to meet the remote access demand.

Deploying and managing remote access with Radiant’s SSL VPN is simple and reliable. It allows remote users the full flexibility and accessibility to securely connect to the corporate LAN in the office from any electronic device. Most importantly, an SSL VPN works over any Internet connection without the need for pre-installed software. As an integral part of the service, we initially design the SSL VPN with you, identifying the resources and programs required to be available to your remote users. We then link the SSL VPN directly into your Radiant MPLS network, or configure a VPN back to your headquarters. Your remote users are then immediately able to access these resources and programs.


    Security & Control

  • All traffic is secured and encrypted; authenticating remote users with the same login/password used in the office (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Automatically removes all secure information from non-corporate machines after each session
  • Enables you to terminate access immediately if remote user is terminated
  • Log all sessions for audit purposes

    Performance & Reliability

  • Redundant, high performance Juniper® equipment can accommodate hundreds of concurrent users
  • Operates inside Radiant's core network, behind multiple gigabit Internet connections


  • Concurrent user pricing is based on the number of simultaneous users. This saves you money because you don’t have to pay for every individual that uses the service