MPLS Site-to-Site Private Networking

MPLS state-of-the-art technology allows your business to build high performance private networks for linking just a few locations in one city or larger site-to-site networks across the country. Radiant’s private networking safeguards critical information sharing - point-of-sale transactions (POS), inventory records, design files, payroll - between your multiple sites while providing your staff with Internet access without compromising security policies.

An MPLS Network is a completely private network, inside of which a business can exert full control and enforce its own policies. Security is assured while still providing the flexibility to easily manage access to and from the network.


    Performance & Reliability

  • All internal traffic flows over Radiant’s private, uncongested backbone
  • Fully meshed network allows each site to communicate directly with all others and the Internet. Our hosting and cloud computing services allow you to put critical application servers into the MPLS cloud
  • Failover options for all sites ensure uninterrupted continued operation even in the event of a site’s primary broadband failure
  • All core network equipment and backbone is redundant; optional dual Internet gateways are 3,000km apart

    Security & Control

  • A highly secure gateway connects your multiple sites to MPLS private network separately from the public Internet
  • Internet access is controlled via a network-based gateway maintained and operated by Radiant, preventing external security breaches by way of remote sites
  • You set the firewall policies and we ensure they are enforced across your entire network
  • Flexibility to choose your own IP numbering scheme within the IP private network


  • Select the broadband that’s most appropriate for each site – ADSL, T1, Cable SureLink, or Fibre
  • Enjoy the low cost for each MPLS link without the port or bandwidth charges