Managed Failover Options

Broadband Failover

A Broadband backup circuit will provide the speed you need to ensure critical applications and processes continue uninterrupted during a primary connection outage. Our backup circuit utilizes a different technology and diverse data path to achieve the highest uptime possible. As an example, a DSL Primary connection will receive a Cable or fixed wireless connection.

Suitable for 99.99% Uptime requirements.

3G / LTE Failover

Radiant’s LTE backup solution provides a cost effective backup with sufficient throughput to run your mission critical data requirements during a failover from your primary connection. It’s reliable in coverage areas where strong signal strength exists. Speed is dependent on cell site load. Its data path is diverse such that a primary connection failure will not impact resiliency. LTE is a cost effective technology to achieve network redundancy.

Suitable for 99.9% Uptime requirements.

Dialup Failover

Radiant dialup failover is the most widely used solution for backup with thousands of remote sites. It the least expensive solution to achieve redundancy, however, it also yields the slowest speeds.

Dialup is a good option for simple applications, such as credit card processing, due to its low speed and high latency (100-200 ms).

Suitable for 99.9% Uptime at low speeds.